Our work has had a big impact on me. I am now kinder to myself and making new choices that fit in with what's important to me. Matt is always so tuned in and knew straight away what was going on with me if I censored myself or in resistance. Now I know what I need to do next to move forward with my career.

Alexandra Bergonje
Alexandra Bergonje Designer

Matt was the perfect balance of support and action. He helped me tap into my inner unlimited potential and consistently helped me remember to remain in the present moment. The fact that he was so available via email during times of stress made it a particularly valuable experience. I felt that I always had an objective, trustworthy, and balanced person to support me in developing my new business and investments

Harbir Singh
Harbir Singh Doctor, Investor, Entrepreneur

Matt's genius is in being able to really see you and what you have to offer, not just as an client, but as a human being. Some of the sessions were challenging but that’s what I needed. I needed someone to kick my arse a bit and help me see where I was going wrong. I got all that and more.

Rob Richards, Coach

I felt like I was in safe hands straight away. You got my branding and what I offer the industry totally on point and that alone gave me the confidence to start really putting myself out there in ways I'd never done before. You helped me see that in some ways it was me and my blocks that were getting in the way. and you showed me how to get around them! Since working with you my career is really taking off. 

Alicia Bronson

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I love that you won’t deny things, are so patient, so opened and approachable (and many other amazing things). I feel so blessed you are my coach - I think I've said this before, hope you don't mind I repeat it at times! Just wanted you to know how much you are helping me and how grateful I am to be able to feel/enjoy the growth pains whilst you patiently walk aside scattering the wisdom pearls at the right time, amount and speed. Thank you!

Vitele Vitute
Vitele Vitute Life Coach, Life By Vital

I met someone whose enthusiasm for life was very obvious: when I mentioned this to her she said this was quite new for her and she’s only had this outlook since she’d started working with her coach. So I asked who her coach was and she put me in touch with Matt… He really listened to what I was saying about what mattered to me, and could see what I needed. He encouraged me to just do the next thing that presented itself, even if it was only a tiny step in the right direction. And he helped me to see that it’s not adding things into your life that ultimately makes it better. We need to take away stuff that is cluttering us up and getting in the way.

Eric Long
Eric Long Inner Calm Detective

I knew for long time I was just coasting along at half my potential but I could never seem to do anything about it. Working with (Matt) this past year he's helped me finally step up my game and finish my first novel. Despite getting all that done you also showed me how I could work smarter,  be more clear headed and stay in flow longer. That has made MASSIVE difference in all my work. Thank you.

J Malik, Blogger, Author

(Matt) helped me find exactly what I wanted to do next (and it wasn't easy as you know!) and helped me gain the confidence to go for it. Working with (him) has been an amazing springboard to me now running a business that I love and looking forward to what's coming next. Everyone should give themselves the gift of working with you.

Andrea Dvorak, Dress Designer

Matt's calm and relaxing nature makes him easy to talk to yet he says what needs saying, no sugar coating, which is exactly what I needed. (He) helped me see that the stress could be channelled for good and that most of my concerns were just self-made. I took the action finally needed to go for and receive a promotion as well as stand as union rep.

William Dramard
William Dramard Engineer, Union Rep.


Outward results in some ways are secondary to the internal transformation these amazing clients have been through to get where they have.

I share these results here only to demonstrate that external results are a great part of what happens in the work we do.

Yet, the person you'll become to get there means you can create these results time and time again. Long after we finish our work. T

hings my clients create for themselves are:

- More freedom to live life on their terms

- More time to travel and be with family and friends

- More financial prosperity

- More loving relationships

- More peace, ease and flow in their work -

A greater sense of being who they really are.

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