Isn't now the time to do what you've always said you wanted to do?

I know that one thing that comes up time and again in my work is that lack of knowledge is rarely what stands between us and getting what we want.

Often you do know what it is you want to do, you even know what you need to do to get there, but for whatever reason you aren’t currently doing what it takes.

You aren’t taking the necessary action.

And this is where my new 1 to 1 coaching program comes in: ACTION ALCHEMY

  • Maybe there’s a project you've been talking about for too long and want to finally get going with...
  • Perhaps you dream of starting a new business or making an existing one a real success...
  • Maybe you want to change careers or level up in your current one…
  • Or maybe its your love life or social life you want to make a real success…

Whatever it is, if you know what you want but haven’t got there yet then this program is for you.

This program is not about lots of self-exploration or mindset work, this program is about how to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION, its about MOTIVATION and its about ACCOUNTABILITY.

Its about me helping you step up and create the thing you want, the thing you're currently struggling to make happen.

Because what I’ve also learned over the years is that most people, and in fact most coaching can sometimes get the balance wrong when it comes to creating more of what you want in the world.

We think that the model of change looks like this, where we need to get our mindset really strong and perfect and just-so before we do what we need to do.

So we get stuck believing that in some way we can ‘think’ our way to success.

That if we work on our mindset enough we’ll do what we want to do kind of automatically.

But that way takes a lot of time, a lot of energy, and to be honest doesn’t really work so well.


take massive action

Because here’s what the model of change really looks like, and that leads to amazing results:

When you take the action you need to take and don’t worry too much about feeling 100% ‘ready’ amazing things can happen.

Because here’s the thing, when you’re in action you don’t worry about whether you feel confident or whether you believe you can do something.

You just do it.

take massive action

And whats more, when you get caught up trying to think yourself to success you make things really messy. You get into a spiral of self-blame, you make your lack of action start to mean something about your self-worth. And of course, this feels rubbish and it gets you even more stuck and tired and out of action...

Its a real vicious circle...


Because what I know to be true is that when we start to take massive action our mindset, our beliefs in ourselves, and our confidence grows exponentially as a result anyway.

Its just we get the equation the wrong way round a lot of the time.

And that’s why this is a program of ACTION...

It’s a program with one aim: GETTING. SH*T. DONE.

Whether that’s finding a new job, starting a business, filling your practice with clients, finding love, writing a book or anything else you want to do.

If you have an idea what the end result looks like then this program will help you make that result happen. FAST.


The idea is simple. We take one challenge or one project that you know you want to make good but are currently stuck on, and we make it a reality.

Because one thing I know is that with the combination of FOCUS, ACTION, ACCOUNTABILITY & MOTIVATION that you’ll get in this programme, anything is possible.

Some things you might work on in ACTION ALCHEMY:

  • Writing that book you know you have inside of you...
  • Setting up an exciting new business or side hustle...
  • Finding love...
  • Changing careers or levelling up in your current one…
  • Getting back into the dating scene or establishing a better social life...
  • Completing that passion project you’ve talked about for years...

Action Alchemy takes place over a maximum of six 60+min sessions, ususally by Skype, which can be taken weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even bi-monthly. Hell you can even have 1 session a year for 6 years if that’s what will make your big dream into a reality.

In the free intro session we’ll discuss your amazing project and work out the timescale that is best for you. The one that will get you what you want in the easiest, fastest and most fun way possible.

To FINALLY get done what you know you want to do is an investment of just


*payment plans available

This includes all personal coaching sessions, plus access to literally tonnes of resources that I’ve collected over the years, that will help you get to where you want to be, fast.

**This is just a launch price and it will go up in February 2019 - so if there’s something you KNOW you want to create, to do, to achieve but for whatever reason you aren’t doing it then contact me today and lets get the ball rolling and the action started.**

Fill in the form below and I’ll get back to you asap to book in a quick 20 min chat to discuss your project, timescale and ideas. I’ll also be happy to answer any questions you might have.

If you’re done sitting around waiting for inspiration to hit, if you want to finally make that project or idea or goal a reality, then get in touch today. Places ARE limited.

take massive action