Firstly if you missed Part 1 of this guide you can read that here.

It’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal that will enable you to attain the success you seek –Mario Andretti




One of the issues I see with a lot of people is that when the are starting a side hustle they don’t realise where they are in the process.

Or, more specifically, they think they’re ready when in fact they haven’t yet moved from the state of simply wanting to (or hoping they’ll) start – to a state where they are fully committed to taking whatever action is needed to move forward.

And when I say committed I mean fully and powerfully, with all your heart and being.

If you only kinda, wanna do something I’d suggest you need to get clearer on why this is important to you. The energy that you put behind your work will massively effect the results you generate.

Usually at this stage self-doubt has a nasty habit of showing up, which is really not nice. I know because I struggled with it a lot when I was starting out. I think we all do to some extent. But it’s so important not to give too much power to these feelings.

You see our feelings have a nasty way of tricking us into thinking they’re in some way telling us about our circumstances; that we can’t do it, that we might fail, that it isn’t the right time. But here’s the good news, they never ever are.

Your feelings have no way of knowing about future results or a past story about what you can or can’t do. Because like you they only ever exist in the present moment. So all they’re ever informing you about is your thinking in that moment.

This is not the time for you to give credence to that nagging, negative voice that might have bothered you up to now. If it does come up (and it may still from time to time) try to simply observe the voice without taking too much heed.

Treat non-useful thoughts like undesirable smells: don’t dwell on them, don’t identify with them, don’t get attached to them, don’t get lost in them… simply let them float away. Because here’s the thing; those thoughts, they don’t define you, they aren’t who you actually are.



If you’re feeling stuck due to stressful thinking, take a few deep breaths and remind yourself that you don’t need to be attached to that nagging voice, that it cannot possibly define you and what you can and can’t do.

Listen to it as you would some person on the street who is shouting nonsense at you. Don’t try and push it away, simply observe, see it for what it is. Just a thought. And any feelings are the flipside to that thought, they don’t inform you of anything in the future or the past.


What’s really good news is that when you do feel a little stressed or unsure you don’t have to do anything.

The mind is designed to self-correct. Just like we don’t have to interfere with the body when we cut ourselves; the cut will heal itself. We don’t have to interfere with the mind when we feel anxious or stressed. In fact if we do interfere it either won’t work or even will delay the self-correcting process.

Isn’t that great to know?

Because you have stuff to do and this is not the time for listening to past stories or ideas that don’t mean anything about your present situation or what you can do.

This is the time for the voice of opportunity and excitement.

And the very best way to stay focused and on track is to make a Personal Internal Commitment (PIC). This is a powerful statement of intent that holds you to your goals and keeps you on track even in the hardest times.

When you’re in alignment with your potential and you see yourself as someone who takes action then you do what is required to succeed almost automatically. There’s no need for habit-forming or productivity techniques.

When you see things differently; then you act differently.

Until you commit to the work you need to do you’ll second guess yourself, you’ll be ineffective and misaligned. But when you do commit you’ll quickly find that a lot of new opportunities and insights show themselves to you.

Not only that but when you fully commit to moving forward with your idea you move away from self-doubt and move towards that quiet confidence that feels so good and that other people find so compelling.

Of course, when you commit to your new business or venture it might feel a little scary at first, and that’s fine. But you must remember that committing to this is not limiting your choices in any way but rather simplifying in a really powerful way.

Commitment simplifies decision making, time management, marketing. It simplifies the work you do with clients and in your creative process.

What’s more, insecurity and uncertainty will drop away when you commit to getting the results you want.

You’ll care so much about achieving what you’re committed to, that you are no longer controlled by the judgments of others.

You no longer just do what you think others would.

You do what will make a difference.



Ask yourself; what commitment do I need to make to create the results I want?

How do I need to see myself that will mean I take the action I need to take, almost instinctively?


No matter what happens, getting your focus and commitment aligned is so important. Some might call this mindset but for me this is more about getting in touch with the resourceful wisdom that’s always available if you drop out of stressful thinking and allow your inspiration to guide you.

I used to be flooded with negative thoughts about my life, but what I eventually realised was a lot of it came from the fact I wasn’t taking full responsibility for my success and happiness. And what happens when we don’t take 100% responsibility is we are powerless to change our situation.

If we blame our job, finances, partner, government or some other external force for our issues, then guess what? We are at the mercy of them and we lose all our power.

So are you willing to take 100% responsibility for your success?

Are you ready to make your Personal Internal Commitment and go all in on making this idea a reality?



Make a Personal Internal Commitment to do what must be done.

Once defined, begin to speak it out into the world. Tell people about what you’re going to do. Write down what you’ll be aiming for over the next 3, 6, and 12 months. You can even speak these intentions into the mirror each morning.

Use the present tense and put emotion behind it. So if your dream is to start a wedding photography business for instance, say to yourself each morning; I run a successful business photographing weddings. I love my work and have potential clients contacting me every day.


This is not you trying to desperately convince yourself you can do it or about asking the cosmos to make it so!

But it IS about setting out your stall, making deep declarations to yourself about who you are going to become and what you need to do.

My own coach showed me the impact of being my word and having the words I speak being a place I come from not a place to go to.

Because here’s the thing; life doesn’t happen to you, life is always created by you.

And a created life starts with the words you speak about yourself and your goals.

There’s a lot of stuff around about motivation and some people I think believe that there’s a magic trick for it. They’ll chase it forever never finding it, looking outside of themselves for tricks and techniques. Please don’t fall into this trap. Simply commit to doing what needs to be done, so when you don’t feel like it you still do it.

I get so excited working with people who really want to create exciting things in the world, but just feel stuck in the initial stages. To some of them, it feels almost impossible that they’ll ever get there. But I love it when they start to change how they see their world.

When this happens their world changes.

What they believe is possible changes. And the thing is anyone can make this shift.

Remember: Any success you ever had in life began with a decision and all your future successes will begin with a decision.

You see, when you speak your intentions into the world, if you don’t follow through on it you’re out of integrity. And this actually starts to feels worse than not doing it. Because as humans we are conditioned to avoid pain more than we are to seek pleasure this is a great way of ensuring that you begin to habitually take the action that stops you feeling bad!

Doing so will stop it feeling like you’re fighting against gravity and instead like gravity seems to be on your side. You barely have to try to motivate yourself anymore. You just do. You just flow.

It just comes.

And from this clarity, certainty and commitment we can move to part 3; where you’ll create and launch your idea