The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why – Mark Twain

Let me start this off by asking you to consider; what’s the real reason why you haven’t decided to start a side hustle up to now?

I’ll be honest that was a bit of a rhetorical question.

Because whilst we might not know each other yet I’d guess its one of two things:

  1. Not knowing exactly what it is you want to do.
  2. Not having the self-belief that you can actually do it.

Actually let me take that back, I imagine it’s probably a little of both.

Yet if you consider that about a third of your adult life is spent at work surely you owe it to yourself to make that work be something you love, something that brings you alive, something that doesn’t ever feel like work. Hasn’t the time come to get clear on number 1 and do the work necessary to overcome number 2?

Because let’s be realistic, as far as we know we only get one chance of this life. We don’t have the luxury of a reset button when we reach the end.

And, I know what it’s like to feel stuck. I had so many things I wanted to do growing up. Like we all do I guess. Yet somewhere along the way I forgot about them, or rather I let the struggles and stresses of life dampen these ideas. Like we all do I guess.

Thankfully I recognised my destructive cycle in time. I invested in a coach and began working on defining a new purpose for myself. And it actually turned out that those experiences of feeling stuck, powerless and unfulfilled eventually became my best gift in working with clients.

I’m exceptionally skilled at lighting a fire in others; in getting the absolute best out of them and seeing how powerful and inspiring they are even if they can’t yet see it for themselves.

In this series of posts we’ll go through the 5 keys together and you can begin to take an idea for side-hustle out of your head and into the world.



Well duh. Is that it Matt?

OK perhaps it does seem a little obvious but you’d be surprised. In my experience most people never actually take the time to get 100% clear on their passion and purpose in life.

But when you do, when you get clarity on the WHAT and more importantly the WHY it means you have something absolutely in your sights. Something to aim for, something that you can say triumphantly: this is what I’m going for. This is my target!

But wait…

What if I’ve no idea what it is?

Or what if I have loads of ideas? How do I choose the right one?

Well fear not as we’re going to explore this together right now.

Ask yourself; if you could do anything (and I do mean ANYTHING) what would you do?

No matter how seemingly weird or impossible it is. What if you could do it no matter what?

And I’m not buying I don’t know because I think you do know.

Saying you don’t is just easier, it’s a cop out because maybe you’re uneasy about what might come up.

Of course, it’s perfectly OK (normal even) to not be totally clear yet on what you want to do. But here’s the thing; imagine what it would be like when you do know.

What would you be doing in a years’ time?

Five years?

Would you be happier? Richer? More fulfilled?

If the answers are yes then you owe it to yourself to do this work.

But what if I still feel stuck or like I’m not creative enough to start?

Well here’s another thing I know to be true. There really isn’t any such thing as a creative person.

It’s just that a lot of people think they’re not creative because they’re uncertain how to make things happen. And thus they get stuck in a cycle of excuse making and giving up…

But, when you understand that anyone has the potential to tap into their creativity, you can start to overcome obstacles and create results that seem extraordinary. Even impossible. So if right now you’re thinking you don’t know what to do let’s get your creative juices flowing…



Write out everything you can think of that you’d like to do. These can be as grand or as ephemeral as you want. From having children to travelling the world. From writing a book to reading a book.

The only rule is there are no rules. Don’t censor yourself just because it might seem implausible right now.

Try and be as fluid and imaginative as possible. Let everything be a yes. Everything is OK. No limits.

Do this over a week or so.

When you think of something you want to do, whether it’s a long term plan, or even something you want to do that day or that month, write it down.

The idea is to make a massive list of as many things as possible.

When I did this I had around eighty things written down. Allow yourself to imagine anything and everything; even if there’s some remnant of your inner critic that thinks it’s impossible. That’s what we’re after here, making the impossible, possible.

Think big, think creatively and have fun with it.

Next what you’ll do is divide these ideas into two lists.

List one: things that serve you and list two: things that serve the world.

What you’ll no doubt find here is that you have a lot more things written in the internal/serving you list than in the external/serving the world list. And this is perfectly normal. You are not being selfish here at all, it’s just part of being human.

Having a big list of things that will serve you is a good thing anyway, it means you’re in touch with your emotions and desires.

All those things are going to help raise your energy and passion for creating your business or idea.

But those things in list two, in the serving the world list, those are the things we want to focus more on for now.

These are the ideas that are more than likely going to create you a good living.


You see if you have any hang ups around money – as I once did, as we all do at some point – you need to begin to think of it as a simple energy exchange. Nothing more, nothing less. To get money energy back from the world you have to put service energy into the world.

When you live by this simple equation I guarantee the world will open up for you.

So, when you have a definite list of serving the world desires, you need to spend some time considering which is most important to you, or which thing you want to aim for first.

Which will inspire you most to take the action needed to bring it into the world?

And if you’re thinking about trotting out the old Yeah, but that will never work line again, sorry but I’m still not buying it.

If you’ve had this idea then a part of you does believe you can do it.

Sure it might be a very small part of you right now but it will grow and develop I guarantee. Especially if you adhere to all the steps in this guide.

But don’t rush it. Allow yourself some quality time in this process of clarity. Sit with your ideas until you feel one really take hold of you. You’ll know when it does. It might take a few days or even weeks to get super clear on what you want to bring into the world. But once you’re clear you’ll be so much more focused and motivated.

When you’ve landed on an idea, consider how it feels for you.

Is it scary? Does it feel silly? Does it feel like you’ll never possibly achieve it?

Well good. Because for me that’s a sign that, dare I say it, these ideas are taking you a little out of your comfort zone.

(And we all know what happens there don’t we?!)

So don’t worry, feeling a little uneasy is a good sign.

It shows you’re stretching your boundaries a little. You won’t stay uncomfortable for long, but you do need to stretch your comfort zone so it includes more things that you find comfortable (taking consistent action, embracing a little risk, the idea of ‘failing’).

Once its stretched over these new areas of course, you won’t feel so uneasy about them. And the good thing is your comfort zone is more like putty than elastic, so it’s going to stay stretched.



Now you have this idea in mind what is the first tiniest step that you can take this week towards it?

And I mean like an actionable step that can be ticked off a list.

Write it down.

Give yourself a deadline.

Go do it.


We’re going to look at this idea in a lot more depth in key number 3.

But right now if you have an idea of what you want to do but you’re STILL feeling a little edgy about all this, then it might be useful to look at the next key, coming in a few days.

Until then, work on those action steps.

And if you need any clarification on anything just give me a shout: