This is part 3 of this mini course on how to start a side business. If you haven’t yet read the other parts they’re here PART 1 & PART 2

Whether you want to know how to start a side business, develop an existing one, begin a project or start a new enterprise the time comes when you bring the idea from imagination into reality.

Now clearly we can’t look too deeply at this here as each creation is different.

Taking a service based business to market is a different process and can take less time at the creation stage than writing a book say.

But, there are some clear, universal points that I want to share with you that will really help you create what you want a lot more efficiently, with less stress and overwhelm.

And the first thing that really helps is to chunk it down. You’ve probably heard this before but it’s a great analogy:

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! (or if you’re vegan like one of my clients I said this to recently – how do you eat a massive watermelon?)

You see what often stops people from moving forward is the extent of what they want to do. Their big dream seems too big that it stops them from starting.

To get round this you can break the massive goal up into tiny pieces.

The tiniest you can think of.

This way you’ll never feel overwhelmed or stressed by the enormity of what you want to achieve.

This is based on the idea of kaizen, which is a concept meaning incremental and constant change. The idea is simple; aim for small easily-achievable steps that every day get you closer to the big dream.



When you know where you’re going break the process up into tiny steps. Each building on the last but with your focus only on the next step, forgetting about the big goal.

Ask yourself: what is the smallest step I can take each day?

how to start a side business

Set a few small, incremental markers to aim for over the next few months.

The idea being that each of these markers is a goal in itself, and each one builds on the next, getting you incrementally closer to your dream, motivating you and pushing you further as you go.

By splitting up your journey this way it means the pressure is taken off the huge seemingly ‘impossible’ dream and you can instead work on the next step, the next marker.

I’d even go as far as say put the end result out of your head as much as possible.

Let the next step be ALL you focus on.

Another important factor: set deadlines.

Deadlines bring dreams into reality. This is the number one thing that drives successful people. Know what you need to do, and more importantly, when you need to do it by.

It sounds simple, but most people never set themselves clear markers on their path to success. But the ones who make it, do.

Work out what you need to do each day and do it.

It only has to be small tasks but small tasks lead to huge creations and every step is a step closer.

Having a clear timeline with steps along the way lets you know you are always moving towards the finish line of creation. It allows you to take action daily, filtering all your thoughts and ideas succinctly into a systematic plan.

You’ll know everything is being taken care of and you just simply have to concentrate on each tiny step at a time.

Yet what is just as important as all these strategies and ideas is the from the heart part of this key. Please promise me, that no matter what happens on your journey to creating your business or project that you’ll remember to HAVE FUN.

Because whilst clarity, commitment, focus, dedication, determination and confidence are all imperative to getting your idea into the world, it should always be enjoyable and from your heart.

Success doesn’t have to be a constant unrelenting struggle. If it is you’re doing it wrong!

You see the success myth says that we have to push ourselves. To work hard, to struggle and ‘hustle’, to tirelessly endure stress and pain. And then, maybe, if we’re lucky, we might get there.

But where is there? And once we get there will everything be sunshine, rainbows and swimming pools filled with dollar bills and happiness?

Because the thing is, there is never better than here. And what you are right now is perfect.

Its really nothing but a false ideal we’ve been conditioned to accept; that struggle and stress equals success/happiness. But isn’t another word for struggle and stress unhappiness? So how did we get to the situation where we think unhappiness can equal happiness?

To me its pretty clear to see that this old way of seeing things has us on a road to nowhere.



Instead: Slow down. I know it to be true that when you’re calmer and more relaxed everything comes a lot easier.

Ask yourself; did you ever get any good new ideas, or solve any problems when you were stressed, stuck in your head and anxious?

Or, did you get your best ideas when you were calm, clear-headed and relaxed. Perhaps in the shower or when you were our walking?


Trust that when your head is clear of thoughts this isn’t you not trying, this is the EXACTLY right conditions to allow new insights and ideas to flow.

With this new understanding you free yourself up to fully connect with your creative energy and inspiration so you can start to bring your business or project into the world in a way that side-steps stress and overwhelm…