Hi, I'm Matt Hattersley. I'm a Life Coach, Mentor, Writer. As well as being a husband, son and (soon to be) father.

And whilst I’m very good at helping people get unstuck and live richer, more rewarding lives, that doesn’t mean I’m perfect. I’m just like anyone. I sometimes get caught up in my limiting stories, I worry, I have bad moods, I get stuck. But I also know that’s OK and that when I don’t make any of those things about ME I get back to centre a whole lot quicker.

After years of training and study in self-development and growth I know that right now, no matter where you’re starting from you are much closer than you think.

Over the last 10 years I’ve become an expert in helping people create a limitless and unstoppable inner game – so that they can always come from a place of confidence, flow and real presence. In their work and in their lives in general.

Does this sound like you?

  • You're feeling bored, dissatisfied and frustrated with life and are ready for a BIG change.
  • There's lots you want to do but you feel stuck starting and want someone to explore strategies with
  • You want to remove the limiting beliefs and stories that keep you feeling stuck, doubtful and unhappy.
  • You want to create better relationships, have more money, less stress and live life on your own terms.

And if it does, it means you’re in the right place!

So if you’re done with doubting yourself, feeling stuck, unsure of what to do next or just want a happier, more stress-free life then welcome, you’re in the right place and the good news is I can help.

I love that you won’t deny things, are so patient, so opened and approachable (and many other amazing things). I feel so blessed you are my coach - I think I've said this before, hope you don't mind I repeat it at times! Just wanted you to know how much you are helping me and how grateful I am to be able to feel/enjoy the growth pains whilst you patiently walk aside scattering the wisdom pearls at the right time, amount and speed. Thank you!

Vitele Vitute, Life By Vital

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I met someone whose enthusiasm for life was very obvious: when I mentioned this to her she said this was quite new for her and she’s only had this outlook since she’d started working with her coach. So I asked who her coach was and she put me in touch with Matt… He really listened to what I was saying about what mattered to me, and could see what I needed. He encouraged me to just do the next thing that presented itself, even if it was only a tiny step in the right direction. And he helped me to see that it’s not adding things into your life that ultimately makes it better. We need to take away stuff that is cluttering us up and getting in the way.

Eric Long, The Inner Calm Detective

A little more about me:

I’ve toured Europe playing guitar in rock bands, am a trained actor and published author, and I’ve built two successful businesses in health & fitness and media production.

But for a long time I struggled with self-doubt, lack of confidence, uncertainty and that annoying inner critic that kept me questioning myself and playing small.

So I began doing deep inner work on myself, going on retreats, enrolling in courses, studying books which eventually resulted in me training as a certified coach . And then a few years ago I happened upon an understanding about how our minds work that changed everything for me.

And if you’re interested in credentials:

* Certified Life Coach (BCC, CPD)

* NLP Master Practitioner

* 3 principles Teacher

* Published author

* Contributor for the Huffington Post, New York Observer & TinyBuddha

And what I've learnt above all else is that what you think about yourself and what you can or can’t do is just a story that can be let go of.

We all have the power to rewrite that story at any moment. We can reinvent and recreate ourselves as the person we want to be.

So if right now you’re telling yourself a story about yourself that doesn’t serve you I invite you to take action to live life at 100% Because together we CAN change that story...

I knew for long time I was just coasting along at half my potential but I could never seem to do anything about it. Working with (Matt) this past year he's helped me finally step up my game and finish my first novel. Despite getting all that done you also showed me how I could work smarter,  be more clear headed and stay in flow longer. That has made MASSIVE difference in all my work. Thank you.

J Malick, Blogger/Author


If you are ready to make the steps towards a happier, freer life then there are various ways you can work with me:



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Book in a call to discuss the 3 Month flagship program LIFE AT 100%



I also offer single session work for people who just want to work on one issue, like a phobia or a specific fear or issue they are struggling with.

These sessions are 90 mins and cost $195 / £145.  To book this in contact me HERE



I also have a year long program for just 3 clients. The Year of Magic is for you if you want to build a long-lasting relationship with a highly experienced coach working across multiple areas.

This program is for those people who don't want to wait any longer to start REALLY living.

This program is as much a SPIRITUAL journey as it is a SUCCESS journey.

And at the end of it you'll see that life really can be made of MAGIC.

The investment is $5200 / £3997 for 12 months and there is only 3 spots available.

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