Without all the limiting beliefs, stress and anxiety that keeps you playing small and not getting what you want.

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I’m Matt Hattersley & I’m Here to Transform Your Life & Business.

Hiring a Life Coach is fast becoming the #1 tool for those who want to live a richer, happier more rewarding life that's free from stress and anxiety.

If you’re reading this perhaps you’re looking to:

  • Stop feeling bored with where you are and do something about it.
  • Have more confidence and balance in your life.
  • Overcome fears and change your job or habits.
  • Stop worrying what others think and lead from your heart.
  • Get real clarity on your purpose and be sure of who you are.
  • Determine what success looks like for you and how to achieve it.
  • Take your life off hold and experience what it’s like to enjoy EVERY moment.

Having worked with 100's of clients over the last 6 years one thing I know above all else is that a happier more rewarding life is always possible. And can happen a lot faster than you might think.

Working with me you'll connect back to your inner resources so that you thrive in all areas of your life...

We'll shift your mindset from doubt, stress and uncertainty to confidence, clarity and creativity, so that you can get more of what you want; better relationships, new businesses, healthier lifestyles...

You'll discover how to level up your life in every way, bringing well-being, presence and connection to your world.

Some of my clients have gone on to write books. Others now run successful businesses on their own terms. And yet others are simply living life with more peace of mind, away from the stress and anxiety that was holding them back from living well each day.

My clients are ready to get unstuck and live a more productive life with less stress.

They’re ready to stop treading water and drop the unhelpful stories that have kept them playing small for too long.

They’re ready to stop feeling dissatisfied with life and to live more creatively and in motion.

My clients are committed to creating the best life for themselves and those they love.

Maybe you’re one of those people?

If you believe you are, or you want to be, why not have a look at my most popular 3 month coaching course, LIFE AT 100%


We carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us

- Rumi

Thank you Matt. Working with you has been life-changing! Really...

Leanne Leanne

The perfect balance of support and action

(Matt is like) a younger, British Tony Robbins...

Brenda Wade Brenda Wade
TV Love Doctor


  • Go from stress & self-doubt to confidence and presence in just a few minutes...
  • Listen before important events to calm any nerves and connect to your limitless energy...
  • An on-the-go reminder of your in the moment capacity for excellence.
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