I’m writing today as a lot is changing in my work as a life coach. And, a lot has already changed for me over the past few months.

I’ve been working with a new mentor and attending life-changing retreats where I’ve had some major paradigm shifting insights in terms of how I coach and the way I work with clients.

I’m very excited about these new experiences and I now feel ready to share them with you.

These are profound new ideas based in reality, away from the clichés and standards of the mainstream self-help industry – which I now see was only ever papering over the cracks.

This new way of working doesn’t rely on fancy tools, or ‘techniques’ that can feel at best a bit silly, at worst confusing and frustrating.

Instead this work shows you how to fully connect with the resourceful, peaceful, resilient power that exists in all of us, so you can finally create the life, career and relationships you deserve.

These are 3 principles that have already changed my life and the lives of 1000’s of others.

I now see this understanding as the future of psychology and even humanity. (With no hyperbole).

I am so excited about working with you on this new understanding because I know 100% that it works, forever.

Its profound, graceful and truly life-changing.

– Together we’ll turn traditional psychology and coaching on its head.

– We’ll explore the inside-out nature of reality, and how experience can transform in a matter of moments.

– This is not just about enabling you to get the future you want, it is about transforming your understanding of how your future is even created.

– This is not about incremental change. It is a profound and permanent shift in how you relate to yourself, other people and the world at large.

The combination of all these aspects is designed to shift your attention and assist you in seeing yourself and the world more clearly.

It’s been a profound and truly freeing experience for the people I’ve worked with to date.

All problematic behaviours and limitations are normal responses to an incomplete experience of reality.

When we learn to see more clearly, the problems we thought we had always melt away – inevitably – and we can relax into a deeper, more authentic experience of aliveness. This aliveness then becomes the new foundation for a much happier and more meaningful life

Whatever seems to be the problem, looking beyond your current thinking will release blocks and bring you home to true happiness.

Solutions become obvious.

Opportunities are everywhere.

Life is good.

The biggest benefit for most people is they get to know themselves in a deeper and more authentic way. They feel more comfortable in their own skin. They appreciate things they didn’t even notice before.

As you explore the nature of how you think, you’ll start to free yourself from limitations that have been holding you back for years – perhaps in ways you don’t even realise yet. It can be extremely liberating! True confidence is then the natural result of being happy and comfortable in your own skin. You’ll create a wonderful life for yourself, from the inside out.


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