Up until recently I’ve not really talked about the 3 Principles in relation to my coaching.

Despite this understanding informing all the work I now do with clients it hasn’t been anything I was that overt about.

Perhaps this was because I was relatively new to this way of showing up as a coach, perhaps I never really thought it was important.

But the more deeply I understand these principles, the more I want to share them fully, the more I want to help other people see their amazing potential for success, freedom and peace of mind. In starting to speak about them more I hope to help people who are unaware of this understanding see just how life-changing it can be.

Because I don’t throw those words around lightly.

I know we see that sort of rhetoric all the time, especially with coaches and self-help stuff, but really, there is no rhetoric or hyperbole here (weeell, maybe a teeny bit – but that’s just my writing style!)

You see, since I became involved in the 3 principles and have deepened and deepened my understanding of them, my life has 100% changed for the better. No hyperbole.

I am calmer, less stressed, happier.

My coaching business has really taken off. I’ve finished the novel I’ve been wanting to write.

More so though – I’m full of joy, I find myself chuckling to myself often, walking around with a silly grin on my face. Its made me a much more giving and – hell, I’m going to say it – nicer person.

I know how powerful this work is – so I don’t have to hide behind anything, or try and impress anyone.

I know how impactful my work is with clients now that I don’t need to push.

Its made me feel more connected, more carefree, less needy, less concerned with what people think of me and so much more creative, and open to new ways of seeing things.

These 3 principles really are a revolutionary new paradigm in psychology, with far reaching benefits not only for success and well-being on a personal level, but in leadership, business, and even for the future of humanity.

So what are the 3 principles?

Well, in short the 3Ps are laws that explain how we experience life, the foundation elements of the human experience :




Of course these words are just metaphors for something beyond explanation in some ways, and could just as easily be; Intelligence, Awareness and Creativity. (Don’t get hung up on the words, they aren’t that important.)

Because while those words mean different things to different people, the principles they point to have actually been observed, written about and studied in science, philosophy, and religion throughout the ages.

The 3ps describe the fundamental dynamics operating in everyone’s minds at all times, and are what many believe now to be fundamental principles of psychology. A principle being a fundamental source or basis for something – in other words they’re not theories.

They aren’t a “technique” that can be taught but instead a paradigm that comes to be understood at increasingly deeper levels.

Nor are the Principles a method, a model or a practice.

They are not like other coaching or therapy approaches such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), which help people reframe their thinking in order to feel better. They are an understanding that helps people access their own innate health by understanding how the fundamental mechanics of the human experience works. As people generalise this knowledge to the rest of their lives they start experiencing more ease, joy and fulfilment.

what are the 3 principles

So we know what they aren’t – what are the 3 principles?

At the heart they deal with one simple truth; that 100% of your experience of life is created from inside you.

Despite it not always seeming this way, the only way the human experience can unfold is from the inside-out. No exceptions. The system only works one way.

And the clarity of our seeing that underpins the way we handle absolutely every situation in our lives.

The 3 principles were first discovered and described by a man called Sydney Banks, a Scottish man with a basic education. A welder by trade. At the time, no one remarkable.

But what Syd saw one day literally changed everything for him and as he deepened his exploration of this new paradigm he began to share his world-changing discovery with others.

 Here’s how he introduced them in his book The Missing Link:

The Universal Mind, or the impersonal mind, is constant and unchangeable. The personal mind is in a perpetual state of change. All humans have the inner ability to synchronize their personal mind with their impersonal mind to bring harmony into their lives.

Consciousness is the gift of awareness. Consciousness allows the recognition of form, form being the expression of Thought… Mental health lies within the consciousness of all human beings, but it is shrouded and held prisoner by our own erroneous thoughts. This is why we must look past our contaminated thoughts to find the purity and wisdom that lies inside our own consciousness.

Thought is the creative agent we use to direct us through life. Thought is the master key that opens the world of reality to all living creatures. Thought is not reality; yet it is through Thought that our realities are created.

This new discovery contradicted many traditional notions and practices of psychotherapy. Specifically, that for mental wellbeing, it is not important to process the past, nor that the content of peoples’ personal thought systems had to be worked with, controlled and analysed.

These 3 Principles work in unison and explain every experience, from joy to despair. Knowing this enables one to make wiser choices and to live a life of peace and contentment. Understanding how the principles work allows people to walk away from a troubled past and to rise above adverse circumstances.

Alongside Syd Banks’s descriptions we can also describe them as such:

The Principle of Mind: This describes the intelligence and energy behind life. This is the energy behind everything. It has no apparent morality but informs the whole of life. Its the source of intelligence. It’s the energy that allows seeds to become flowers, wounds to heal, life to grow.

The Principle of Consciousness: AS human beings we have an innate capacity to be aware of ourselves and of life. This is a universal singularity. Your level of awareness in any given moment determines the quality of your experience. The more we raise our consciousness the higher up the ladder of selves we climb.

The Principle of Thought: Not to be confused with thinking, the principle of Thought is the creative energy we use to build our individual moment by moment experience of reality. Thought is the missing link between the formless world of pure potential and the created world of form.

These Principles govern us in the way that Gravity governs our experience of being on this planet.

Gravity has no form, we cannot see or measure it, but we can observe the impact it has on us.

When scientists didn’t know about Gravity they were missing a fundamental constant, and since they worked under the wrong premise their calculations were often wrong.

So what does this mean for us in the 21st century?

Well it means that the more we understand how the human experience works the less we have to take heed of the stressful personal thinking that gets us into trouble.

The greatest untapped resource for personal and professional growth is your state of mind. When we are clear-headed, free from stress and self-doubt we have easier access to our creative thinking; we are able to have a bigger impact and solutions come a lot easier.

Over four decades of this understanding in practice has demonstrated that people can create rewarding, healthy personal and professional lives.

The simplicity and depth of the principles are having a dramatic effect on many fields of endeavour, including business, mental health, medicine, education, drug and alcohol treatment, the criminal justice system, and a wide range of youth programs…

The 3 Principles now inform my coaching in powerful ways.

Coaching from a 3ps grounding is a subtractive method, removing all the BS you’ve been taught and made to believe your whole life. It subtracts all the interference and contamination and gets to who you really are.

Now that may sounds scary, especially if you believe who you really are is that person who’s felt stressed, anxious., stuck, uncertain and unproductive for a long time. But the great news is the more you see the reality of the principles the more you see that all that is just made up.

Because who you really are is perfect.

Who you really are is wise, creative, inspiring, calm, playful and happy.

And the really good news is there’s no techniques to master, no affirmations to go over, no need for endless journaling or hour of power crap, none of that stuff you hate which doesn’t work anyway.

Since the principles are universal, all people have the same potential for success, freedom, mental well-being, peace of mind and personal growth; no matter what their circumstances.

Drawing out this wisdom and insight from individuals and groups to help them reach their amazing potential is now my life’s work.

If you’d like to know more about the 3 principles and how being coached from this perspective can literally change your life then contact me to book in a conversation. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have too.