Testimonials from some past clients (thanks all):

My clients create powerful results:

  • One man is already a successful physician who wanted to follow his big dreams of opening four hospitals in 2 years, we are currently well on the way to making this a reality.
  • One of my clients is an entrepreneur who working with me developed two successful business, working just a few hours each day. I’m now working with him on his massive goal to provide help for a million orphans worldwide.
  • A woman I helped transition from her life as a college professor to gaining the confidence she needed to become a published author. She is now working on her second novel.
  • Another client is an ex-boxer who was plagued with negative self-talk and doubts. He has just started his own successful fitness business and is now preparing to set up a centre for underprivileged kids.
  • One of my clients is an actor who was ready to give it all up. Working together he overcame the blocks in his way and soon got the confidence and drive to book a role on a high-profile TV show.
  • One client felt like he'd never really achieve what he wanted from life. He loved to write but had big blocks about pushing himself. After working with me he has now written and produced 5 plays and been offered a writing scholorship at London's Royal Court.
  • One of my clients is a new coach who just signed his second ever paying client for a high-end fee
  • An Apprentice of mine generated her old yearly wage in the first 4 months alone of our work together.


All of the above are outward results. And in some ways are secondary to the internal transformation these amazing clients have been through to get where they have.

I share these results here only to demonstrate that external results are a great part of what happens in the work we do.

Yet, the person you'll become to get there means you can create these results time and time again. Long after we finish our work.

Things my clients create for themselves are:

• More freedom to live life on their terms
• More time to travel and be with family and friends
• More financial prosperity
• More loving relationships
• More peace, ease and flow in their work
• A greater sense of being who they really are

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