I just got back from the gym, and it’s the first time I’ve been in over a week.

I normally go 3 times a week so it got me thinking about what that means.

Then I stopped. And I chuckled to myself.

Because the thing is, for whatever reason I’ve been in a bit of slump this week.

And in the past I would have made this slump, this low mood about me, I’d have gone all up in my head and blamed myself, labelled myself as lazy, as a procrastinator. As someone who doesn’t stick to things.

And do you know what happened when I did that? I’d feel even more crappy, and it would make me not want to go even more.

But thankfully, since I discovered the 3 principles and really started to understand the truth behind how the human experience works I don’t bother with all that pointless personal thinking.

Sure there’s no way around it, I have been in troubled by a lot of stressful thoughts this week.

I’ve been in a really low mood, but whereas in the past I’d be now blaming myself and telling myself all sorts of stories about why I’m in this mood; it’s me, my lack of motivation, or it’s my business, my wife, the fact that its cold out….

But all that would do would get me more stuck, more unhappy, less present and less likely to do it.

But flick forward to now and I know my moods are just like waves. They’re energy that ebb and flow inside me. They don’t mean anything about anything.

And the only way to reset, to get back to feeling better again is to simply – let your system settle. And to not mess with it while it does.

Because here’s the thing; all have a psychological immune system that will reset if we let it.

But just like if you cut your finger and then rub it every ten minutes, it won’t heal – when you mess with it, by piling loads of stressful thinking and looking for reasons ‘why’ – it isn’t allowed to reset. It stays busy, creating loads more thoughts that take you further and further away from your centre.

I know it looks like its counterproductive, and as humans we want answers, we want to work out why we feel bad/unproductive etc. – but really that’s just like trying to grab at clouds.

Think of your moods like a muddy puddle, because actually that’s how our minds can feel when we’re stressed, anxious, questioning ourselves – but this muddy puddle always has the capacity to be clear, to be settled, to be calm. But the only way it does so is by being left, by being allowed to clear.

So if currently you’re feeling like a muddy puddle, today be kind to yourself, stay present, try and remember that the answers will come, that you will return to feeling better, if you allow the system to reset.

Take a deep breath, smile, be in your body. And wait.

A good feeling is only one new thought away.


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