Happy Friday and its shout-out time again…

1. Quote I’m resonating with this week:

“Nothing external to me has any power over me.” – Walt Whitman

I think we all know this – but I also feel there’s different kinds of knowing.

There’s the intellectual way of knowing and then there’s the deeper understanding that is almost beyond words.

Once you ‘get this’ fact – and I mean really get it in your heart, life gets a whole lot easier and more enjoyable.

So if you’re not there yet, stay in the game, keep musing on it and see what comes up for you this week.

2. An uplifting read:

I think we all fall prey to the pesky old Impostor Syndrome from time to time. Especially so when you’re a high-achiever.

You want to be the best but when you put too much pressure on yourself it can have a detrimental effect.

So whats the solution? In this article on the Quiet Revolution network Meagan Francis looks at 3 ways we can all deal with feeling a fraud at times.

Read it here

3. What I’m working on right now:

A lot has already changed for me over the past few months. I’ve been working with a new mentor and attending life-changing retreats where I’ve had some major paradigm shifting insights in terms of how I coach and the way I work with clients

These are principles that have already changed my life and the lives of 1000’s of others – and that I now see as the future of psychology and even humanity. (With no hyperbole).

I am so excited about working with you on this new understanding because I know 100% that it works, forever. Its profound, graceful and truly life-changing.

To this end then I have opened up 3 spots in my schedule and have just 1 space remaining for someone who would like to work with me on a new 3 month programme based around these principles.

so if you’re ready to experience a strong personal transformation; which allows you to build stronger relationships, have a more successful career and live a happier life then reply to this email now to arrange a conversation about how we could work together.

4. Track I’m loving right now:

This is being played everywhere in the UK right now so you’ve probably already heard Lorde’s new single ‘Green Lights’. The piano break pre-chorus takes me back to my clubbing days and really lifts me up whenever I hear it. A big joyous song that makes me smile (even though the lyrics are actually quite heartbreaking)

Listen here


Wishing you nothing but the very best,