I couldn’t see it.

But the minute I did everything changed.

You see, your negative beliefs about yourself are not concrete – they ebb and flow…

Its why one day you can wake up feeling like you can take on the world and then next day you just want to stay in bed.

If it can change that rapidly its clearly not got anything to do with you, your abilities, or even the world.

Its just your mood, its just your thinking in that moment.

Yet we often take our thoughts about ourselves SO seriously it can cripple us. Stop us starting.

And if you’re currently defining yourself with absolutes (I’m a procrastinator, I can’t do X) then maybe today it’d be useful to spend some time considering where these beliefs come from.

What if you now saw them just as made up stories?

What if you realised it wasn’t saying anything about who you really are?

Because who you are exists before all the stories, and BS that you’ve made up about yourself.

Who you are is already everything you need. Who you are is resilient, light, resourceful, wise and full of well being.

And these beliefs, about you who are, what you can and can’t do. They can be let go of

So spend some time considering what beliefs are holding you back.

Then remind yourself they aren’t set in stone.


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