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Matt Hattersley

I know what it’s like to feel unfocused and disconnected from who you really are. Despite spending my formative years on stages; playing in bands and then acting, inside I felt nervous; insecure; like a fraud who would get found out at any minute.

When I moved into a leadership role I routinely held myself back and, as a result, was sometimes left out of important decisions. It left me feeling drained, overworked and exhausted.

Yet, when I finally learned how to connect fully with my inner wisdom and saw the world with a completely new understanding everything changed for me. I found it easier to show up fully and openly, brimming with energy for new opportunities. I spent more time in a high performance state and began to see amazing results in my career and personal life.

Since then I’ve studied with renowned mentors including Jamie Smart, Tim Brownson, Michael Neill and Rich Litvin. And now, I’m gathering a growing community of quiet leaders who are ready to put themselves out there and move to the next level.

My expertise is showing you how to find the clarity of mind that will enable you to create more of the life you want. This is not about incremental change. It is a profound and permanent shift in how you relate to yourself, other people and the world at large. Doing so you will connect with the resourceful, peaceful, resilient power that exists in all of us, to create the life, career and relationships you deserve.

Everyone needs someone, but you’re not just like everyone. That means your ‘someone’ can’t be just anyone either. You need the best; someone who can help you leverage your unique strengths to grow, create and achieve from a place of deep confidence and grounded authenticity.

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ICR Certified Coach, UK.

Board Certified Coach (BCC), RMI.

Three Principles Facilitator.

Leading a Team and Group Training Certificate, The Training House, UK.

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