The Ignition Intensive is a life-changing 3-day experience that starts a fire in you that allows amazing things to happen. Together we take your ideas for new business, invention, enterprise or whatever it is you want to create and we start to bring it into the world

By facilitating your own unique insights and brilliance from a space of flow and fresh thinking you'll get the clarity, blueprint and motivation to go all in and achieve your big dream.

If you're ready to move beyond the endless, one-size-fits-all kind of professional development that only offers quick fixes - so you can instead start to play a much bigger game and create exciting new opportunities - then this could be what you've been seeking.

The retreat + follow up coaching will get you the clarity, blueprint, motivation and focus to bring your idea for a new business or project out of your head and into the world.

The 3-day intensive, in a beautiful environment will allow you to step back and see your life and your work from a broader perspective, making space for insights and life changing realisations.

The whole experience is designed to guide you in accessing your own clarity and wisdom so you can see what it takes to bring what you want to create into the world.

The intensive is for you if you are committed to creating a business, enterprise or project that brings you alive.

Over the the 3 days you and I will spend around 3 sessions per day together. The purpose of these sessions is for you to establish a strong foundation for your business or project and start to create the specific results you want.

You'll also have time to walk, spend time in the spa and be with yourself. It is the balance of active exploration and plenty of space for reflection and insights that makes these intensives so effective.

You’ll discover a new sense of clarity, freedom and possibility. As you start waking up to new ideas and possibilities you’ll discover just how much easier it is to find solutions to problems, overcome obstacles and to create whatever your inspired to create next.

While each Intensive is bespoke to your unique requirements, many clients find that they emerge with:

Clearer perspective on what matters to them

An easy access to a great feeling flow state

More time to travel and be with family and friends

More financial prosperity

A renewed enjoyment in their work

A greater sense of their strengths, passions and purpose

Sustainable resilience and resourcefulness

Imagine a business and life that flows with:


You know you can’t get where you want to go when you're stressed and uncertain. As a high-achiever you need clarity to create the results that matter to you. As you deepen your understanding of how to leverage your unique skills and creativity it opens up brand new insight and inspiration. You'll understand how to tap into mental clarity and perspective when you need it most. As a result, you’ll be more connected to your natural creativity and inspiration and be able to overcome setbacks and obstacles with a new found resourcefulness and resilience.


Your ability to inspire, create and impact is natural if you know how. In our work together, you’ll understand how to manage your energy for maximum effect, align with your highest potential and get real-world results. In doing so you’ll sit comfortably in your unique energy and find the freedom to be yourself, speak your truth and do what you know to be right. All from a place of connection and grounded authenticity. We'll look at all the areas in your life where energy is being lost so you will have a life with only the people, places and things that truly raise your energy and make you feel fully alive.


Great relationships and dynamic, resilient working are always a function of your attitude and impact– which in turn is shaped by your grounding and creativity. When you access your instincts you can impact others more than you realise. You'll become a resourceful, resilient creator and leader, who impacts your culture with your unique skills. Resilience is essential for allowing you to navigate change and thrive through uncertainty. Its why some people and organisations bounce back in the face of setbacks while others struggle to recover.


Whilst financial freedom is often a direct result of the work we’ll do it’s your mental and emotional freedom that really supercharges your creativity and happiness. This is about having a clear mind, free from stressful, cluttered thinking, fully present and in the moment, with all the levels of performance, satisfaction and connection that brings. Leaders who understand and respect the human factor in business are able to drive organisational success and change more effectively. The best made plans are useless without impact. Being free from interference you’ll be able to play a much bigger game and tap into new levels of potential and well-being.


You know that consistently showing up to meet new challenges and taking your success to the next level can leave you feeling uncertain and drained. Sure, it can be amazing on clear days, but debilitating on the days you feel jammed up. Yet the really good news is that unlike typical training the intensive works on your exponential growth. I know your success as a creator and a leader doesn't have to be an incremental approach but an exponential one, and when you unlock your innate potential you can achieve much more than you ever thought possible in record time. This is about you understanding that insight is the catalyst for change at all levels of your business and the quickest and most fun way to impact your community and culture.

All in a relaxing environment that allows reflection and insight while we get you focused, creative and we plan out how to get the results you want.

Ideas for new business

Ideas for new business


  • 3 Days 1:1 Intensive with Matt Hattersley held in beautiful surroundings.
  • Your accommodation at Luxury Hotel and Spa.
  • All preparatory and follow up materials.
  • 12 Months follow-up coaching sessions.



Step 1. Fill out the application and book in a call with me. You can do that right here.

Step 2. At the scheduled time we’ll use the opportunity for both of us to get clear on what amazing results will look like for you and to make sure we’re a good fit before you commit.

Step 3. Then we’ll get started. If we decide it’s a good fit for both of us, we’ll schedule your intensive based on my availability (I do only 1 intensive per month). We’ll also schedule another intake call to make sure the 3 days are honed perfectly for you and the results you want.

Step 4. We meet up for the 3 days of your intensive at a relaxing location away from your work and home. Its important that you aren’t working during this time and I ask that you are largely out of phone and email contact also.

Step 5. There is an option to spend a 4th day relaxing and reflecting on what you’ve learned and discovered.

Step 6. You have 12 follow up coaching calls at agreed times following your intensive to further integrate and continue your transformation.

Ideas for new business
Ideas for new business


Ideas for new business
Ideas for new business
Ideas for new business