You give so much of yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually, it's easy to run into tiredness, burn out and frustration, which impacts your effectiveness. 

The Intensive is a life-changing 3-day experience in a beautiful environment which, allows you to step back and see your life and work from a broader perspective, making space for insights and life changing realisations

This intentional time away, connecting to nature and connecting with yourself allows us to explore your impact and purpose and gives an opportunity to get refreshed and focused for the year ahead. I will guide you in accessing your own clarity and wisdom so you can create a bigger impact in the world.

Over the the 3 days you and I will spend around 3 sessions per day together. The purpose of these sessions is for you to establish a strong foundation and start to create the specific results you want.

You'll also have time to walk, spend time in the spa and be with yourself. It is the balance of active exploration and plenty of space for reflection and insights that makes these intensives so effective.

There is also the option to have 12 months follow-up coaching sessions after the intensive.

While each Intensive is bespoke to your unique requirements, many clients find that they emerge with:

  • Clearer perspective on what matters to them
  • An easy access to a great feeling flow state
  • More time to travel and be with family and friends
  • More financial prosperity
  • A renewed enjoyment in their work
  • A greater sense of their strengths, passions and purpose
  • Sustainable resilience and resourcefulness

You’ll discover a new sense of clarity, freedom and possibility. As you start waking up to new ideas and possibilities you’ll discover just how much easier it is to find solutions to problems, overcome obstacles and to create whatever your inspired to create next.

If you're ready to move beyond the endless, one-size-fits-all kind of personal and professional development that only offers quick fixes - so you can instead start to play a much bigger game and create exciting new opportunities - then this could be what you've been seeking.


  • 3 Days 1:1 Intensive held in beautiful surroundings.
  • Your accommodation at Luxury Hotel and Spa near you.
  • All preparatory and follow up materials.
  • Full email/phone access to me
  • (optional) 12 Months follow-up coaching sessions with immersion day half-way through the year.

If you would like more information or to discuss your needs then please book in a free conversation with me:

Step 1. Fill out the application and book in a call with me. You can do that right here.

Step 2. At the scheduled time we’ll use the opportunity for both of us to get clear on what amazing results will look like for you and to make sure we’re a good fit before you commit.

Step 3. If we decide it’s a good fit for both of us, we’ll schedule your intensive based on my availability (I do only 4 intensives per year). We’ll also schedule another intake call to make sure the 3 days are honed perfectly for you and the results you want.

Step 4. We meet up for the 3 days of your intensive at a relaxing location away from your work and home. Its important that you aren’t working during this time and I ask that you are largely out of phone and email contact also.

Step 5. There is an option to spend a 4th day relaxing and reflecting on what you’ve learned and discovered.

Step 6. If you choose you can also book 12 follow up coaching calls at agreed times following your intensive to further integrate and continue your transformation.