‘Get out your own way!’

When I was acting this was a phrase I heard a lot.

And now as a coach and mindset expert I see this with the people I work with

They’re passionate with a bias for action AND they know that what gets between them and success is…themselves.

Or to put it another way, what stands between them and the life they want is the voices in their head.

The inner critic, the mind-chatter that has us second-guessing ourselves and ignoring our real source of inspiration and creativity.

So we get confused about priorities, experiencing self-doubt and overwhelm. We over-commit to things, or procrastinate before later acting out of urgency.

If any of these resonate then maybe its time to take a closer look.

This is a byproduct of insecure thinking. And it only continues to feel frustrating when you try to figure it all out.

Because what if getting away from the mind-chatter, and out of your own way was easier than you think?

What if success was not about lots of techniques and analysis but a simple subtractive process?

Because the real, resourceful you is always there when you begin to stop taking that inner critic so seriously.

I know it to be true that when you’re calmer and clear-headed, everything comes a lot easier.

From decision making, to relationships, to even managing your work load. It might seem paradoxical but you know this deep down.

So today practice slowing down, to speed up.

Choose to not pay too much attention to your insecure thinking and stay present.

It as easy and as hard as that…

Be well…


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