What is coaching?

Coaching is a partnership that empowers you to make the changes you need to get the life you want. You'll get really clear on what you want in life, then get really clear on what is holding you back, and then move those things out of the way.

Good coaching helps you see the world differently. Because once you see the world differently, the world changes. Who you think you are, what you think you can and can't do and what really matters to you starts to get a whole lot clearer, and results easier to achieve.

But I’d also say that its so much more fun and interesting to experience coaching rather than to read about it. If you're curious why not book in a call and experience a conversation?

So is it like therapy or consulting?

In a word, no.

With therapy I'd be diving into your past to resolve the deep inner issues you’ve got going on. We may touch on some of those but we don't need to go there. I'm not so interested in the past and what has been happening.

Then there's the work of a consultant who'll say: here's where I've been on my path and I'm going to take you there. Here's the 17 steps that will get you to where I am. I don't do that, because my work is about transformation, not information.

I'm working with you, so what I'm interested in is the future you want to get to, the present where you are right now and the gap between them.

Because what I'm REALLY good at doing, is helping my clients bridge that gap.

What I've seen is that gap between your present and where you want to go is often far smaller than you might currently imagine.


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What is Inside-Out coaching? How is it different to traditional coach?

I'll say first of all here that over the years I've trained and studied in many modalities, from Co-active and Facilitative Coaching, to NLP. And, whilst these approaches all have merit, over the last 4 years my self-exploration, coaching and research has led me to the 3 Principles or what is also called the Inside-Out Paradigm.

I now see that coaching from a 3 Principles grounding is the most impactful and truthful place to come from with my work with clients.

This way of coaching is a subtractive rather than additive approach to coaching. Because despite how it might look, more techniques and tools can actually have a detrimental effect on your success and happiness. But when you are more grounded, with a clear mind and more deeply connected to your inner sense of wisdom and well-being you'll find that new possibilities and opportunities begin to show up more and more.

In essence this way of working helps you to drop out of your unhelpful habits of thought and become better connected to your innate ability to inspire, create and achieve.

From this place you'll have more clarity on what really matters and can go out and create things for yourself in a way that is free from struggle and stress.

To read more about the 3 principles please read my blog post here.

Hmm. O-----K. Can you explain a little more?

Think of it like this: You have something that you perceive to be a problem. Perhaps you feel  uncertain about what to do next in your career, perhaps your stressed over your business or maybe you have insecurity in a relationship.

In other words it looks to you like something needs fixing and more so, that your cup of well-being and ability to cope is currently empty.

Now normally from this perspective you’d be looking at ways to refill your cup, to understand why it is empty in the first place. So you'd use coping strategies, confidence building techniques and put lots more thinking into the mix to try and work out what to do.

Whereas Inside-Out Coaching starts from the understanding that your cup of well-being is always full and it only looks empty to you because you're currently in a misunderstanding.

You might be telling yourself a story about your cup being empty and have begun to believe this, or maybe you've spent so long focusing on the thought of it being empty and worrying about it, that you have begun to believe it is.

But when we come from the perspective that your cup is never empty, we don’t have to waste time trying to refill it or work out coping methods to stop it draining – we just have to look at why at present you aren’t seeing it as full.

When clients become open to the possibility that their cup is always full then new doors of possibility appear, they make massive shifts in their ability to achieve more, in less time, with less stress and with more fun and inspiration.

All of the actions you take operate out of your underlying beliefs. When we shift that foundation you'll experience a shift not only in what you think is the problem, but everywhere else in life that that same way of being shows up.

Why would this type of coaching be right for me?

That’s for you to decide. One of the things that usually happens is that people often try to work out the answer to this question before they’ve actually had an experience of coaching.

Coaching is a transformative not an informative process. I coach around insights, not instructions.

When you see something different – for yourself – then everything changes. Forever. (That’s why just reading ten more tips on productivity isn’t going to help you work less and earn more. You need to have the insight of what that means for you. Sight from within.)

Again, the best way to see if this is right for you is to have a complimentary session with a coach and see what comes up for you.

How much time will it take? How much does coaching cost?

Like anything that is potentially life-changing, coaching requires an investment of commitment (time and payment being part of that commitment).

But if this is your first experience of coaching, looking to weigh benefits and costs to make a decision before you even know what you’re looking for is kind of putting the cart before the horse.

Apologies if I sound like a broken record here, but coaching is an experience that is unique to you. Bespoke. Not time-based.

Let’s have a conversation about you and what you want and go from there...

Can I just book one session and get what I need?

No. I have my own coach and I wish there was a shortcut but it doesn’t work that way. Sure, insights happen in seconds, but to get to a point where you receive a real return on your investment and take life-changing action on your dreams we need to do deep work to get there.

You’re not going to achieve that in 1 hour, no matter how powerful the conversation. This involves a creative partnership that lasts a minimum of 3 months, I have no maximum time I work with clients.

What do you expect from me?

That you show up, ready to play and explore. That you hide nothing and hold nothing back. I shall do the same.

That you aren’t ‘kinda ready’ to change but are chomping at the bit and ready to make profound advancements in your personal and professional life.

That you’re open to new ideas and new ways at looking at things and aren't afraid to lean into your edge - just enough so that real change can take place.

How does each session run?

Every session is bespoke for each client, purely because each client is different. I work with you and I am devoted to what you need and the context we have set together for your coaching program.

I don’t use any templates or assessment tools. These things might give you some interesting awareness, but awareness alone doesn’t generate any lasting transformation.

I’ve also seen that people often use assessment results as a crutch, or an excuse for not doing what frightens them. I’m much more interested in the life that you want to create, and finding out your innate desires and gifts. That is who you really are - and using a standard template to uncover these only ever scratches the surface at best.

How do we meet for the sessions?

Via Skype Audio or on the phone if in UK.

But I don’t like talking on the phone

I used to be like that too, but then I saw that this was just a story I was telling myself based on an incident that I was giving far too much meaning - when I was 5 I answered the phone and talked to someone I thought was my Grandad, it turned out it was actually my Dad's friend and it freaked me out a little. But really, it was a totally innocuous, almost silly event that had stayed unchallenged in my subconscious and developed into a fear.

When my coach helped me see it was just a story, only being re-experienced in my habitual thinking it suddenly made no sense to feel scared by it anymore. And talking on the phone stopped being an issue.

Plus the truth is that Skype audio or the phone is the best way to experience coaching. It frees you up from the self-consciousness that video calls, or meeting in person can create, and it is no less intimate or impactful, in fact its often more so.

What's the difference between life coaching, leadership coaching, business coaching, etc.?

To best answer this its useful to explain a little bit about the coaching industry in general. Because here’s the thing; coaching has a very low bar of entry. But a very high bar of excellence. This means there is nothing to stop you calling yourself a coach and then going out and asking people for money in exchange for your coaching. (But please, don’t do that...)

Yet due to this, there are a lot of people out there calling themselves coaches, when they aren’t actually coaching.

Usually when people call themselves a business coach, what that usually means is they're a business consultant. I.e. they’ve experienced success in their own business, and now provide guidance in creating success that same way. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, but it’s not coaching.

As a coach, I don’t pretend to know better than you. But I do know I can often see the forest you’re in when you can only see the trees. I can see when you’re in quicksand and help you out from a grounded place rather than jumping in with you.

I don’t tell you what to do, I work with you to draw out what you already know you need to do.

A good coach will coach the person, not the situation. It doesn’t matter if you’re working in your career, struggling in a relationship, trying to improve your experience of your family, or something different. The constant in all of those situations is you.

Because of that the most important thing you need to consider is whether or not the coach resonates with you.

What if things come up I don’t want to talk about?

Then we don’t talk about them.

Yes I will encourage you to lean into your edge and help you get more comfortable being out of your comfort zone, but I'll never take you anywhere you’re not happy to go.

That said I do ask that you practice being vulnerable in the sessions. I will also be vulnerable. I cannot coach you if you are hiding something or you're not in the room, mentally, or emotionally.

Your deepest fears usually lie in front of achieving your deepest desires, but it is always your choice how deep we go. So you drive the process.

If we come to anything that you don’t want to explore, you just need to say so and we'll move on.

How do I know you're any good?

When someone asks this what they’re really meaning in a round about way is, can you help me?

And the quick answer is: right now, I don’t know.

The only way to find out is for you to have a conversation with me, and for us to explore what you need help with. You’ll know if we’re a good fit after you’ve experienced coaching with me.

And if you want to find out what other people think, you can of course check out my testimonials. But then what someone else found insightful and powerful you may not. Isn’t it always best to experience a meal or a vacation for yourself rather than read about it on trip advisor?

One thing is for sure. When we work together, you have my 100% attention and my service. No amount of credentials can substitute authenticity. I know that in my business and in yours.

What if I am not sure what I want to do?

That’s totally fine, I’m not the sort of coach who’s obsessed with goals, goals, goals.

Being unsure and simply knowing that you want to make a change is a perfectly good place to come into coaching from. If you don’t know what’s next, but want to find out, this in itself is a goal.

Sometimes, the first part of a coaching relationship is getting clear on what you really want.

And I’ll let you into a secret, its very rare that I meet a new client who is 100% focused on what they want to do.

Most people have a hard time identifying what they really want and even feel a bit uneasy truly asking for what they want. That’s why they hire a coach.

How do I know the time is right to work with a coach?

When you’re really ready to commit to creating your dream life (even if you don’t yet know what that looks like). And not a moment sooner.

And, I invite you to consider that the right time to commit to creating your dream life is right now.

Can you guarantee I'll get the results I want?

No. And honestly, any coach who says they can isn’t a very honest coach.

But I understand you want to ensure you get a good return on your investment.

Like most things that are worth the effort in life, you'll get out of coaching what you put in.

So every session, we check in and look at where you are at and what needs to happen next for you to get the results you want.

Are you moving forwards? What is blocking you? How do we get you over the blocks?

What I can guarantee is that I will believe in you fully, even if you don’t believe in yourself right now.

I know your cup is full. I know you have everything you need to succeed and I know that when you start to see that too the results you want will come a whole lot quicker and easier.

Why do I need a coach?

You don’t need a coach. But I know that if you want one, it can be the best decision you'll ever make. Anyone that is ready to be coached will make big changes in their relationships, business, and personal life.

Think of any actor or athlete. They don’t just hire a coach when they’re struggling, nor do they stop working with a coach when they’re doing well; they get the best coach they can find so they can become world-class.

If you're ready to explore what working with me might look like click below to request a conversation:

What is coaching
What is coaching


What is coaching
What is coaching
What is coaching