Apologies if I’ve been a little off grid recently, I’ve been busy working on draft #2 of my new novel and also working out what the next phase of my work with clients might look like going forward.

When I first started out on my coaching journey I was told many different things; pick a niche, don’t pick a niche, just serve people, create powerful marketing funnels…so much conflicting noise it can all get a little much.

Yet now I know that the best piece of advice came from Supercoach Steve Chandler – let your niche find you.

And  over the last few months I’ve realised that this is what has happened.

More and more now I’m working with creatives; writers, actors, musicians filmmakers, designers, people running creative businesses.

Creativity Coaching in this way has sort of happened naturally but I guess its no surprise.

I am a creative person, I toured Europe in a band throughout my twenties, I’m a writer, a trained actor. This is the world I come from and a world I still am part of.

Plus the more experience I’ve had as a coach and the more confident and successful I’ve become I’ve sat more comfortably in the role of fully being myself in my role, and not trying to be some idea of what I thought I should be. And thus I guess I’ve started to attract more and more like-minded, creative people to work with me. Which I love.

It means too that I’ve started to be more comfortable talking about my acting and my writing with clients too and am able to marry all my work and passions; to be a creative using his experience and training, to help other creatives with their mindset, confidence and motivation.

So they can play a much bigger game and make their passion their life’s work.

So my ask is this; are you a creative?

Maybe you’re a writer, actor, designer, filmmaker, Etsy shop owner, dressmaker, candlestick maker???

And if so please reply in the comments below or email me here and let me know:


What is the biggest issue you currently face in your work?

What is the biggest blocks you have in moving to the next level in your work?


Also if you are a would-be writer I’m currently planning an online course to help you get started fast and write that book you’ve always dreamed of writing.

So if this is you please get in touch also as I have some exciting ideas I’d love to share with you and would be happy to discuss how I can help.

As this is all at a beta stage right now this would be no charge so its really worth your while if you want to make a start and get that book into the world.

So lots of exciting things coming up. And if you have any questions about Creativity Coaching or any thoughts or ideas you’d like to share then please get in touch regardless.


Look forward to hearing from you!

Keep creating

Matt x