Journey of a coach: Part 1 – Experiments in vulnerability

life coach

This new blog series is about me purposefully opening myself up more than I ever have before and seeing what flows. This is me committing fully to hide nothing and hold nothing back. It’s an experiment in vulnerability. Yet in the process I hope to reconnect more with who I really am so I can…

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SO02: Power, Impostors & Green Lights

be confident in any situation

Happy Friday and its shout-out time again… 1. Quote I’m resonating with this week: “Nothing external to me has any power over me.” – Walt Whitman I think we all know this – but I also feel there’s different kinds of knowing. There’s the intellectual way of knowing and then there’s the deeper understanding that…

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SO01: Ego, Humanity & Magic

Inside-Out misunderstanding

Its shout-out time here, enjoy and let me know what you think via my Facebook page 1. Quote I’m resonating with this week: This week’s quote is short and sweet and comes from the late great Stuart Wilde. I’m actually going to commission some artwork of this soon as I feel its an important point…

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be more productive in life

If there’s one thing the internet loves right now it’s a list post. There’s even list posts about list posts. Look at any social media right now and you’ll see headline after headline listing x reasons why, how or when to do things to make you happier, more productive or both. But do they actually…

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