How To Be Confident In Any Situation

be confident in any situation

This is a sample chapter from my upcoming book, Personal Alchemy: Grow your business by growing yourself. For more info and to get an advance copy please join the private FB group _______________________________________________________________ Every morning that you wake up you have a choice. On the one hand you can choose to simply accept that you…

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How to get started when you don’t feel like it

How to get started when you don’t feel like it

I was laid up with a bad chest infection at the start of this month which meant I was out of action for a good couple of weeks. Now, I’m not ill very often and not one to bask in it so it really did knock me out for a time. But you’ll be happy…

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The Problem With Self-Help

Problem With Self Help

I feel there’s an issue right now You see a lot of coaches and the self-help industry will tell you that failure doesn’t exist. Its one of those things people go on about a lot, but most without really quantifying it or really understanding what it really means or the effect it has on people.…

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3 Ways To Stop Negative Self Talk

how to stop negative self talk

It’s always surprising and disheartening in equal measure when we realize just how many people are slaves to a terribly negative force in their lives. A force that often threatens to disrupt them and halt their progress towards achieving what they want from life. What’s even more disheartening is that this presence isn’t some external…

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The Inner Game To Build Confidence

build confidence

This is a sample from my new book Light Up The Room: The Inner Game of Confidence, Connection & Charisma. Right now you can claim your FREE copy for a limited time.  Always have more than you show. We’ve already looked at the importance of sharing ourselves with the world. However; there is also a…

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Life Gets Better When We Learn How To Be Vulnerable

People who exhibit confidence and charm, who have taken the time to develop themselves and know who they are the only ones with the courage to expose their vulnerabilities and know how to be vulnerable powerfully.

The stresses of modern life and fear of failure can threaten to keep us closed off from our fellow humans at times. Global terrorism, economic collapse and our own personal struggles all do their best to keep us down, to keep us disconnected and unsure of ourselves. But it doesn’t have to be this way.…

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Being Someone Who Gives Off Good Energy

Good Energy

We all know those types; outgoing, loud, maybe even a bit obnoxious, especially after a few drinks. It’s easy too I think to fall into the trap of believing these loudmouths are high-status individuals. Confident. Successful even. Sure too, the flashy suits and outward shows of wealth that usually go hand in hand with this…

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How To Be A Great Leader (In Life, Love & Career)

How to be a great leader

I work with people who are ready to step up and lead in all areas of their life. People who want to redefine what is possible. What I’ve come to realise is that one of the biggest issues these men and women face as leaders is that the game they play is so much more…

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Why You’re Using Affirmations Wrong (And What To Do Instead)

using affirmations

Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life – Tony Robbins Even if you’ve just grazed the surface of personal development and self-improvement up to now you’ve no doubt heard about the value of using affirmations – positive phrases repeated to yourself which help improve…

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How To Build Confidence By Saying NO

How To Build Confidence

It’s a fact that people are attracted to and will have their opinions swayed by those who have (or appear to have) the most confidence. When you exude confidence everything you do and every word you speak carries a lot more credibility than if you were perhaps a little unsure of yourself, no matter how intelligent…

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