Keith Richards Does Personal Development

innate wisdom

“Great songs write themselves. You’re just being led by the nose, or the ears. The skill is not to interfere with it too much.   Ignore intelligence, ignore everything; just follow it where it takes you. You really have no say in it, and suddenly there it is: “Oh, I know how this goes,” and…

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Don’t settle: a short video about a recent insight into the importance of not settling. You see, too many people are quick to lay down and accept they can’t change anything. But here’s the thing, everyone has the power to step up and change the status quo; be it a relationship, a new career, a…

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Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Stop Comparing

‘I’ll be happy when…’ I’m sure we’ve all said these words at some point in our development, or at the very least a riff on them: ‘I’ll be ready when…’ ‘I’ll be successful when…’ I know I’ve said all three at some point in my life. And the rest… You see its really easy to…

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Can You Reduce Stress When Making Important Decisions?

reduce stress

I think we all reach a point in our careers when we decide enough is enough. Sure, the money isn’t to be sniffed at and you’ve risen far, but more and more it begins to dawn on you that this is not the life you had planned out for yourself. And in fact the more…

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Everything Has Changed…

3 principles

I’m writing today as a lot is changing. And, a lot has already changed for me over the past few months. I’ve been working with a new mentor and attending life-changing retreats where I’ve had some major paradigm shifting insights in terms of how I coach and the way I work with clients. I’m very…

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Looking At How To Increase Confidence

How To Increase Confidence

I had my eyes tested last week for the first time in well over 3 years. I normally wear contact lenses with the same prescription as my glasses and from what I could tell, my eyesight hadn’t changed much. Yet, I fancied a new pair of glasses so decided it was worth getting my eyes…

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Its All In The Words We Use

morning rituals

I read the book 1984 in 1994. At the time I was a typical 14 year old boy; concerned mainly with things most 14 year old boys are; music, social status, girls. Not necessarily in that order. Yet I also remember even then being shocked at how shrewd this book was. As if Orwell had…

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Embrace Your Weirdness

embrace your weirdness

My name’s Matt and I’m a little weird. *sits down to gentle applause from the group. This statement is true and I accept that. Because weird just means unusual – not  the mainstream. And for me, that’s good. The more we become at ease with who we are on a deep personal level the happier we…

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Know Your Core Values & Life Gets a Lot Easier…

Know Your Core Values

There’s a famous Mark Twain quote; always tell the truth and you don’t have to remember anything. It’s a great quote about always giving out truth to the world – but we can actually go one better; know your core values and you never have to remember anything. When you take the time to know…

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Live Life On Your Own Terms

How To Live Life On Your Own Terms

GET FREE RESOURCES TO HELP YOU GET UNSTUCK AND DEVELOP DEEP, LASTING CONFIDENCE:  DOWNLOAD THE FREE TRAINING Live Life On Your Own Terms I doubt there’s many people reading this who don’t bemoan their lack of productivity on occasion or wish they could be more in control of things. We could all benefit from more balance…

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