Every relationship begins with you...and that relationship is always a function of your state of mind... 

better relationship

 We're always creating, even when we don't realise it. We create stories about who we are and what we can and can't do. We create relationships, opportunities, dead-ends and second chances.

What’s worse is when we mistakenly think that feelings of stress or unhappiness are caused by someone else; our partners, someone we like, even our friends.

When this happens we quickly get stuck in habits of thought that takes all our attention away from our innate wisdom and puts us in victim mode. Then the stories and thoughts look even more real. Like facts. But they only look this way because we put so much time and attention on these thoughts.

We stack more and more thinking on top of it until what was once a notion of ‘do they like me?’ becomes a deep rooted belief of ‘they don’t like me’ or even ‘I’m unloveable’.

We each create our own reality. You can think, ‘I’m in love’, or you can think, ‘I’m not happy in this relationship’. You can think, ‘I’m a great partner’, or you can think, ‘my partner is bored of me’.

Each will create a different outcome, if you believe it to be true. The answer is to learn about the true nature of how relationships work; and how to create the healthiest and happiest one you can imagine.

Everyone has ups and downs, hang-ups, and bad habits that can easily spill out into our relationships.

But there's something most people don’t understand about how their thinking works. That factor alone has a massive impact on how well their relationships work out. In fact it has a much bigger influence than their personality type, their upbringing, communication skills, or the circumstances they’re in.

This new understanding can bring you to a higher, wiser, more resilient state of mind, which helps bring people together and feel more connected to each other.

Simply understanding how thought actually works, will help you uncover more creativity, receptivity, relationship harmony, and love. Happiness becomes more sustainable; no longer relegated to mere chance

So are you ready to start creating consciously with more purpose and passion? Are you ready to create real lasting change and get the results that matter to you?

I can help you have greater intimacy, less conflict, and fall in love even more. If you are single, and want to be in relationship, we will explore how this understanding can support being more engaged and open to being in an intimate, loving relationship

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