Some might list out lots of techniques and tools you can employ to attempt to quieten your mind, like mindfulness, like meditation, like gratitude etc etc….

But really these techniques all look at this in the wrong way.

Because here’s the truth, your mind IS naturally peaceful.

Your default setting IS peace.

Its just all the habits of thought and stresses and stories that keep cycling through your consciousness that keeps you from feeling at peace.

And telling you that you have to add more thinking and more ideas and concepts and techniques on top of this already messy whirlwind of thought rarely helps you have peace of mind

So what is the answer?

Well, awareness firstly.

Awareness that this is how the system works.

And then, simply slowing down and allowing any unpeaceful thoughts to settle without trying to ‘cope’ or ‘handle’ them.

Think of your mind like a snow globe.

And all the snow particles are thoughts whirling around.

Now you know that the best way to let the water clear in a snow globe is to leave it alone.

To allow the snow to slowly drift to the bottom and be still.

This is the same with our minds.

When we don’t mess with the stressful thoughts they do settle by themselves.

We get peace of mind.

Yet the common idea is that we have to put more thinking, more techniques into the mix to try and ‘deal with’ or ‘control’ our thoughts.

But this is just the same as us shaking the snow globe to try and get it clear. It never works.

We have to allow it to settle.

Because the thing is that just like you have a physical immune system you also have a psychological immune system.

And just like if you cut yourself and the body heels without you having to do anything, your psychology has your back and takes you back to peace without you having to do anything.

But likewise if you have a cut and think that rubbing it every day will heel it (and we know it will just make it worse) the same is true of your unpeaceful mind.

And I know it looks like those unpeaceful thoughts are more important than other thoughts so we HAVE to pay them attention.

But the more you can see that they are just energy that bubble up in the moment and have no more credence than any other thought you have an easier time just letting them drift away…

You can’t choose what you think, but the more you see it is just a thought happening in the moment it means you can pay it less attention, come back to the present moment and allow your mind to settle once more.

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