This week I launched a new FB group for anyone who wants to be a better leader in their work, relationships and community.

I called this group Innate Leadership because as I see it a leader I don’t mean it in the sense of your job role, but in how you show up in the world. Its not what you do, its who you be.

It’s a way of being in your relationships with your self, your family, and your community just as much as it’s a way of being in your work.

And why innate?

Because I also know that this leadership potential is already in you.

Every aspect of what typically makes a good leader; being inspiring, confident, bold, certain, charismatic – you have access to.

You have innate potential to be all those things.

And if you don’t agree please consider a possibility: that the ONLY thing holding you back right now is a story (see also: thoughts/belief systems/mindset) you’re telling yourself (and believing) about who you are and what you can do.

I know from my own experience how easy it is to fall into the misunderstanding that who we are is rigid, fixed. I spent so many years stuck to the stories about who I was, what I did, how I operated. I had business fail and relationships end because of who I thought I was.

I gave up on creative endeavours too quickly because I became too concerned with how others saw me. I took everything personally, believing outside circumstances were against me.

I didn’t even see for a long time I was a victim to what I believed life threw at me.

And it took me a lot of years of self-exploration to realise that self-exploration was a wild goose chase. Because one day I had an insight, that changed the way I saw things.

When I changed the way I saw the world, my world changed.

I saw that who I thought I was, was just who I thought I was. It wasn’t the truth of me. It wasn’t who I really was.

What I began to see more and more is that your story doesn’t have to define you. It isn’t who you are. It’s just something you made up, probably subconsciously and you played it out over and over. It became a habit of thought, and as any habit does, it kept coming back. You had those personal thoughts about yourself appear habitually and now they look really real.

But it is just a story.

And it can be let go of.

How? Well, the first step is realising you CAN let go. Then you can sit with the idea that it isn’t who you are. It’s just something you are believing about yourself. The more you can look at the reality of this dead in the eyes the less and less it makes sense to define yourself that way.

You can put that idea down and see the truth; that who you are exists before the stories/personal thoughts. And that person is a leader, that person has unlimited access to wellbeing and creativity and wisdom and love.

I still get myself in a mess of course, seeing this doesn’t mean we spend our lives inspired, euphoric and creative at all times. It just means we see through the story quicker (usually) and can get back to our centre.

And the great news is you always have access to your centre, when you see that who you are IS that centre. You aren’t the stories. You aren’t your beliefs.

We all have the potential to be a better leader in our lives, work, relationships.

So if any of this resonates, or interests you I’d love to have you join:

This group is for entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, therapists, writers, creators – anyone who wants to step up their game in a way that is free from stress & struggle.

It is for people who want to connect with other heart-centred individuals who are all on powerful missions to make the world a better more connected and loving place.

It is for people who want to explore their way of being in their work and relationships, so they can connect more fully with their innate wisdom, creativity and wellbeing.

Finally this is a group for people ready to be vulnerable, share their problems, ask questions, get support and grow together from a place of creativity, humour and service.