My clients: If you're committed, ready to take action on the next phase of your life and career, and have fun doing it, this could be you.

My core values: integrity, creativity and service. I deliver the service that I would love to receive.

My vision: to impact my clients so profoundly, that they act as my business card.

I’ve always loved the art and act of creation. Whether that’s a piece of writing, a bricks and mortar business or an online venture.

I’ve also always been exceptionally good at lighting a fire under others; in getting the absolute best out of them and seeing how powerful and inspiring they are even if they can’t yet see it for themselves. These are usually men and women who are tired of feeling stuck and want to move into the next stage of their lives and careers.

My vision is for a more creative, connected and inspiring world.

I love my work and am passionate about helping people make a difference in the world and create profound results with flow, fun and ease. I do this by helping them connect with their innate wisdom and creativity so they can move forward without the feelings of overwhelm and stress that can keep us down.

I’ve worked with men and women from all over the world, helping them start new businesses, build and find amazing relationships, launch products, publish books and start coaching practices.

I also know what it’s like to feel stuck and that you have something brilliant inside of you that is struggling to get out. Despite spending my youth touring Europe in a band and then acting. I ended up spending the next 10 years working in office-based roles where I felt like I was slowly letting go of my dreams.

I still had creative hobbies and interests but I knew I wasn’t being totally true to myself. I wanted to make a big impact in the world but felt powerless and stuck.

It took me hitting 30, realising I’d spent the last 10 years treading water for me to say enough was enough. I knew I had more to offer the world than working 40 hours a week for someone else. I've always been a maverick and a bit of a rebel and I knew there was more to life than spreadsheets and annual reports.

I invested in a coach and began working on defining a new purpose for myself. This led to me writing a novel and starting two successful businesses in media production and then fitness.

Then a few years later I realised my true gift was with people (connecting with them, understanding them, and helping them build successful lives and businesses.)

That’s where I focused my energy and studies. And, I became damn good at it.

I've studied with renowned mentors including Jamie Smart, Michael Neill, Tim Brownson and Rich Litvin.

And now I help people like us create life-changing businesses and creations with less effort and stress.

And it actually turned out that those experiences of feeling powerless and unfulfilled eventually became my best gift in working with clients. I am exceptionally skilled at seeing how resourceful, powerful and inspiring you are, even when you can’t yet see it for yourself.

In addition to working with personal clients and groups, I am also a New York Observer and Huffington Post contributor and the author of the novel, No Stars and non-fiction, Personal Alchemy: Grow your business and relationships by growing yourself.

I currently live in Manchester, UK and meet clients from all over the world via Skype. When not working I love travel, exploring new ideas, eating in fancy places and discovering new opportunities.

If you’re ready to enjoy all the benefits that comes from living on your own terms then contact me now to arrange a call.

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life coach manchester
life coach manchester
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