My Story

I’m Matt Hattersley and I’m a coach, writer, husband, creator.

I help people who are driven to do important work become better leaders in their business, relationships and community

Whether you’re looking to change careers; start a new business; turn around an existing one; build better relationships; or get unstuck and explore what needs to happen next for you; I’m here to help you get there.

I’ve been studying the science behind human potential for the last 15 years, and what I’ve learnt is that the truth to real life-changing work is about taking away; removing the limiting stories and beliefs, which we all unconsciously stack on top of ourselves our whole lives.

On my journey here I’ve toured Europe in a rock band and developed three successful businesses; in media production, fitness and now as a Coach.

But I also know it’s my failures just as much as my successes that make me a powerful coach. Because I’ve failed a lot in life. I’ve had businesses fail. Relationships breakdown. I spent a good few years in a spiral of late nights and drink. I’ve been hurt and I’ve hurt others.

But without taking risks, without making mistakes, without challenging myself and coming out the other side I wouldn’t have the knowledge about life and business that I have now.

And I wouldn’t have the impact that I do have with my clients.

I also know that above all else it was hiring a coach that changed everything for me. When I started working with my coach things really started moving.

He helped me see that I create my life from the inside out and that changed everything. He got me unstuck and I began to make big plans for the future. I wrote my 1st novel and began to work in a support service for people with mental health issues.

I realised around this point too that I was really good at highlighting the potential in others - helping them turn their fortunes around and bringing the light they have inside them to the surface.

It was my total belief in them and my ‘why not? attitude’ as one client put it, that really helped people move forward.

As I began to see that I was having a powerful impact on others I had the insight that this was something I wanted to devote the next stage of my life to.

I saw that I wanted to help others become creators and leaders in their own lives, and since then I've become very good at it.

If you're interested in that sort of thing, I’m also a ICR accredited Master Coach. Which just shows I can knuckle down and study really. Because in my opinion it’s the work I’ve done creating myself as a leader in my own life and the work done with my own mentors and coaches over the last 6 years that have really made me a powerful coach.

I’ve studied with amazing coaches, such as Jamie Smart, Steve Chandler, Michael Neil, Ankush Jain & Dr Dicken Bettinger.

I’ve now written four books; two on business and self-development and two novels. The second of which is getting ready to be sent out to publishers in Spring 2018.

As well as this my writing and insights have been featured in The Huffington Post, New York Observer, Thought Catalogue and Tiny Buddha.

I know now that when you find work that brings you alive there's no going back.

I want that for you too...

Some of my clients call me their business coach, some their life coach, and some call me their secret weapon. But names are just words. Its what we achieve that is important.

When we work together, I’ll help you get the mindset, confidence and systems that allow you to strike forward in creating a better more fulfilling life and career.

I’ll believe in you powerfully and I’ll help you see with fresh eyes the potential you have inside.

And what I've learnt above all else is that things can change in an instant.

What you think about yourself and what you can or can’t do is just a story you’ve made up. And we can all rewrite that story at any moment. We can reinvent and recreate ourselves as the person we want to be.

So if right now you’re telling yourself a story about yourself that doesn’t serve you I invite you to reach out. Because together we CAN change that story

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