About Me

This is the page where I’m supposed to paint an emotive picture of my journey from zero to hero. To demonstrate how I used to be where you are and that through struggle and striving I managed to get myself to where I am now: the dizzy heights of success and abundance.

But that’s what they all say right? And I have no desire to add any more noise to the already over-crowded space.

So, here’s what I  know to be true:

No matter where YOU are starting from you are much closer than you think.

If you're now ready to make a difference in your life, whether it's sorting out a specific problem or simply living the life you've always thought possible, (if only you knew how) then you're in exactly the right place...


Here’s what else I know:

You are enough. You have always been enough. I have always been enough.

But once upon a time I didn’t realise that. So I spent a lot of time and energy and money trying to work out how to be more happy/successful/rich/productive/etc. Some good things came out of this, I trained to be a coach, I met some amazing people, but a lot of the time this constant seeking only made me feel more doubtful, more stressed, less happy.

It wasn’t until a few years ago where I insightfully saw that actually most self-development is looking in the wrong direction that my life started to change around.

I saw the truth behind how to be more confident and creative in my life and work. I understood how to access my ability to find solutions to problems fast. In doing so my relationships began to blossom and my businesses began to take off with an energy of their own. I was working less but achieving so much more.

Even better I was able to start replicating these results with my clients...

When we work together I WILL get you to where you want to be.

This might take a few months it might take a few sessions. But when you get there, and get there you will, I guarantee 2 things will happen:

1) you’ll realise that most of the things you thought were a problem aren’t so much

2) You’ll be able to consistently access your confidence, creativity, resilience and wellbeing to bring about more of what you want in the world (more creativity, better relationships, new healthier lifestyle etc) in a way that is free from stress, doubt and second-guessing yourself.

And I have been there and done it. I understand how frustrating it can feel when you want to achieve so much, yet find yourself treading water or stuck in self-doubt.


My wide and varied experience includes:

- 10+ years studying personal development

- Accredited Life Coach (BCC, CPD)

- Personal trainer

- 7+ touring Europe playing guitar in a band

- Trained Actor (and I still act and love coaching actors)

- Co-founder of a successful media production company

- Author of two books

- Writer for Huffington Post, NY Observer & Tiny Buddha


What I've learnt above all else is that what you think about yourself and what you can or can’t do is just a story that can be let go of.

We all have the power to rewrite that story at any moment. We can reinvent and recreate ourselves as the person we want to be.

So if right now you’re telling yourself a story about yourself that doesn’t serve you I invite you to speak with me. Because together we CAN change that story

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