'Many people die with their music still in them. Why? Because they are always

getting ready to live. Before they know it time runs out.'

The time comes to make a choice; to keep getting ready to live, or to start living.

Because if you’re reading this you’ve probably been seeking change for a while.

You’ve no doubt read (or at least bought) a few self-help books, signed up for newsletters, done some online courses. Maybe you’ve even hired a coach, therapist or consultant in the past.

Sometimes it feels like you make progress, but sometimes you don’t. So you end up locked in a cycle of looking for the next solution and the seeking never seems to end.

You’re still struggling with the uncertainty around what to do next that will finally bring you real satisfaction, clarity and peace of mind.

But I invite you to imagine what life would be like if you could end the search for that magic formula, if you could stop getting ready to live and start living.

Think about it:

- No more tools and techniques.

- No more ‘working on your self’.

- No more stress or striving to make relationships work.

- No more struggling to come up with solutions to grow your business or navigate your career.

What if you could make shifts that transform every aspect of your life?

People who seek a coaching partnership with me are looking to connect with their larger life purpose and understand what they need to do next to achieve that.

They want to become better leaders in their work, relationships and community.

They are heart-centred individuals; usually entrepreneurs, business leaders, coaches and creatives…or those who aspire to be.

They know that what often gets between them and success is…themselves.

They’re ready to stop playing safe and move into a world where they go for their big dreams.

They’re ready to remove impostor syndrome once and for all so they can step up their game without fear of criticism.

They’re ready to stop feeling dissatisfied and stressed with life and to live more peacefully and creatively in the moment.

I know how it feels being stuck in ‘getting ready to live mode’

I spent years and years seeking; living in states of dissatisfaction, self doubt, impatience and imposter syndrome.

This way of being ruined relationships; had businesses fail; made me give things up too early; and had me thinking I’d never be truly happy or successful.

Then a few years ago I stumbled across a new way of understanding how our minds work and the impact this can have on our presence, creative-thinking and ability to thrive. It changed everything for me.

Life was no longer such a struggle, my relationships began to blossom and my business began to  take off with an energy of it’s own, that felt more effortless than ever. I was working less but achieving so much more. I even managed to complete the novel I’d been working on for 5 years.

Even better I was able to start replicating these results with my clients.

Rocket Ships or Rocket Fuel?

What’s also true is that spending too long getting ready to live is often a misinterpretation of the goal setting process.

Because too many coaching approaches in my experience, stay purely on the outside, defining goals and then developing strategies and tactics of how to get there.

They are only focused on building rocket ships.

Which is all well and good but often this can keep you just as stuck.

You end up spending longer and longer living in an imagined future and this can often bring up a lot of stressful thinking and anxiety.

Why? Because expectation can hang like a lead weight around your neck. It keeps you second guessing yourself and giving too much attention to that unhelpful mind-chatter.

More so, spending too much time ‘living’ in the future stops you being effective in the only place that counts. Right now.

So my approach to coaching and creating lasting change is different.

We will spend time building rocket ships of course, but our main focus will be on the rocket fuel, on the physics behind how you create what you want.

Because once you understand how your fuel and physics work you’ll find that the rocket ships start to take care of themselves.

Coming from this place of inner leadership and connection you’ll be able to get the results you want time and time again. Long after the coaching is over.

Matt's genius is in being able to really see you and what you have to offer, not just as a coach but as a human being. Some of the sessions were challenging but thats what I needed. I needed someone to kick my arse a bit and help me see where I was going wrong. I got all that and more. Now my business is going great

Rob Richards, RRSC Ltd

I felt like I was in safe hands straight away working with Matt. He has a great way of really getting to grips with what I wanted to say and how best to say it. I loved doing all the challenges he set me and they always paid off! We got my website totally on point and gave me the confidence to start really putting myself out there in ways I'd never realised. I saw that in some ways it was me and my blocks that were getting in the way. And since then my business is really taking off. I've just put my fees up for the first time in 2 years and got 5 clients signed up to this new package. It feels amazing!

Alicia Brownson

What we do:

My job as a coach is to help you create massive transformation in your inner world so that you can get the results you are searching for in your outer world.

My job is to slow you down to the speed of life, to help you drop all your unhelpful habits of thought and the stories that have kept you playing too safe for too long.

My job is to get you back in touch with your innate wisdom, inspiration, creativity and well-being. So that, what might look impossible right now, can start to look very achievable.

You bring your biggest dreams and together we light a fire under them and watch them soar.

I’ll listen to you more deeply than anyone has ever done, I’ll hold space for you and help you open yourself up to have life-changing insights.

I’ll call you out on your bullshit; say what no one else will say and help you see what you need to see. So you can be who you’ve always known you could be.

What Personal Coaching Partnerships look like:

A Personal Coaching Partnership is a committed and intimate relationship, taking place over 3, 6 or 12 months.

Throughout the duration of our partnership, we are together for 60mins 3 times per month via Skype audio, phone or in person (if applicable). You also get 24/7 email access to me.

Being in dialogue together over time enables us to continuously dive deeper, accumulate insight and generate exponential growth. I will also share with you my vast library of books, audios and programmes.

 I do not charge money to speak with people, but I am paid for Personal Coaching Partnerships.

If you are resourceful, know the power of commitment and understand the importance of ROI then let’s talk.

Whether you’re looking to make big changes in your career, going through a difficult time in your relationship, trying to start a new business; sick of feeling stressed and anxious in life; or want to discover your true purpose - the answer is available.

I’ll help you remove all the beliefs and behaviours that are keeping you from being your best self and allow you to dream bigger than you’ve ever done before.

Then I'll help you make those dreams a reality.

If you want to experience coaching and see if we’d be a good fit click below to request a conversation:

I love that you won’t deny things, are so patient, so opened and approachable (and many other amazing things). I feel so blessed you are my coach - I think I've said this before, hope you don't mind I repeat it at times! Just wanted you to know how much you are helping me and how grateful I am to be able to feel/enjoy the growth pains whilst you patiently walk aside scattering the wisdom pearls at the right time, amount and speed. Thank you!

Vitele Vitute
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