'Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do that.

Because what the world needs is people who have come alive'

You’ve worked hard, tried different stuff, but now it seems you’re at a crossroads. You feel stuck, lacking clarity; and you’re just not enjoying things as much as you once did.

You want more purpose, meaning, growth. You yearn for the next exciting challenge.

You want to step away from stress and overwhelm and go back to working and living more creatively and on your own terms.

But if you’re reading this it probably means you’re ready to do something about it, which is excellent...

My clients are usually entrepreneurs, business leaders, coaches and creatives…or those who aspire to be.

They all have a common ground; they're heart-centred; resourceful; know the power of commitment and understand the importance of focused action. I help them become better leaders; in their work, in their relationships; in their community.

And when I talk about leadership I don’t mean your role, a position you hold, or how many people you 'lead' - but rather how you show up in the world.

Interested in exploring how I can help you connect with your innate leadership and have more impact & influence in your relationships, career and community? Check out my packages below:

1 to 1 Personal Coaching

This is deep, powerful coaching for people who want to be more impactful, creative leaders in their work, relationships and community.

Have you been seeking answers for a long time and still not quite found what you’ve been looking for? Take a moment and stop and think about what it would be like if you could finally end the search for that magic formula.

No more: tools and techniques – working on yourself - trying to be connected to your spouse - struggling and worrying to try and come up with solutions to grow your business or navigate your career.

What if you could actually begin to see insights for yourself that could transform every aspect of your life?

Group Coaching Membership

A purpose-driven, transformational group that provides bi-weekly LIVE coaching sessions and a supportive Mastermind Community of like-minded people who want to develop as leaders in their relationships, careers & communities.

All at a very accessible monthly price.

Together we explore your real desires, the elements of true fulfilment, emotional mastery, dealing with fears and self-doubt, understanding success, your personal needs and the peak performance mindset.

You'll join a ‘Master Mind’ of inspiring people who, working together, will help you step up your game and become a more creative and impactful leader both personally and professionally.

Matt was the perfect balance of support and action. He helped me tap into my inner unlimited potential and consistently helped me remember to remain in the present moment. The fact that he was so available via email during times of stress made it a particularly valuable experience. I felt that I always had an objective, trustworthy, and balanced person to support me in developing my new business and investments

Harbir Singh
Harbir Singh Doctor, Business Owner



What I know to be true...

Anyone, in any job, in any city, of any age and gender can be a powerful leader in life as far as I see. Its about taking ownership of your experience, its about stepping away from being a victim to circumstance and opening up to possibility, even if that's a little scary at times. Its about being YOU, fully and powerfully. Its about being vulnerable and knowing that you create your world from the inside-out. And more importantly its about connection.

I’m Matt Hattersley and I am a Coach, Writer and Trainer. If you're ready to take control of your future and start living at the cause and not the effect of life then I can help. I’ll get you unstuck and moving forward with courage and passion.

Through coaching you’ll have insights into how to create more connection, wealth and success without the stress, uncertainty or doubt that has kept you stuck and playing safe up to now.

From this place businesses are grown, careers are changed, relationships are built.

My clients are committed to creating the best life for themselves and those they love.

Maybe you’re one of those people. If you believe you are, or you want to be, book in a conversation with me and we’ll take it from there…


Matt's calm and relaxing nature makes him easy to talk to yet he says what needs saying, no sugar coating, which is exactly what I needed. (He) helped me see that the stress could be channelled for good and that most of my concerns were just self-made. I took the action finally needed to go for and receive a promotion as well as stand as union rep.

William Drammard
William Drammard Engineer, Union Rep.
Life Coach
Life Coach


Life Coach
Life Coach
Life Coach